• network_cellWhere can I put my removal van at Maan?

    The municipality of The Hague maintains strict rules at Maan: the roads have to stay free for the fire brigade. We are currently busy negotiating with the municipality to arrange good opportunities. The moving protocol that follows will be posted on this website as soon as possible.

  • network_cellCan I unsubscribe from the +James newsletter?

    Yes, you can unsubscribe from the + James newsletter for your building. At the bottom of the e-mail you find 'update je gegevens'. By clicking here you will come at the website page where you can change your preferences. Please note: we include as many relevant news as possible in the newsletter, which you will no longer receive.

  • network_cellI have a complaint about the +James at my building. Where can I report it?

    Apologize for the incoveneince. Would you like to send your complaint to We will treat your complaint as anonymously as possible, if desired.

  • network_cellHow do you choose your suppliers?

    We try to cooperate as much as possible with local entrepreneurs. For example, in every region we have our own partner for dry cleaning services. We believe in the power of local cooperation. In any case, the quality of service remains the most important thing. If you have a complaint about one of our services, we would like to hear that. Send us an e-mail at

  • network_cellI have a good idea for a service, what now?

    We like that! Most of our services have been created because you need them. Pass it on via and we will see if we can make a nice service out of it.

  • network_cellHow can I download the +James app?

    The +James app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. In the app you can share messages with your fellow residents on the timeline and contact +James directly. You can also use the services of +James and you will find up-to-date manuals about your home. So get your +James app a.s.a.p. and click here for the App Store and here for Google Play.

  • network_cellI want to have an item dry cleaned that is not on the list; what to do?

    Don't just select an item and hope for the best in any case. Our dry cleaning partner has efficient processes and needs to work according to a lot of (our) rules. An incorrect order will be just sent back, without it being dry cleaned. You can, however, just send us an e-mail describing the item you'd like to have dry cleaned and we'll make sure it's done:

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